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Multispectrum Deception Detection

Veritas AI

The world's most powerful deception detection technology designed for law enforcement, investigations, military and public safety use cases.

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Catch a lie, stop a threat, protect your people.

Veritas AI is a powerful software product that is designed to thwart physical threats using deception detection technology.


It's powered by advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning and can be customized for various commercial, law enforcement, military and public safety use cases (e.g. airports).




Heart Rate

Breathing Rate

Eye Dilation

Blink Rate

Voice Inflection

Changes in Pitch

Rhythmic Patterns


Case Study: Airports

Learn how deception detection technology has helped a major international airport achieve positive security and financial outcomes. 


Accelerate Detection for Physical Threats

With Veritas AI you can screen people and detect those that might be trying to deceive you with up to 80% accuracy.

Get Started

Learn more about Veritas AI and how it can help your organization.

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