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Threat Simulation
Adversarial Threat Assessments

Simulate attacks and discover security gaps across your physical and cyber environment. 

Simulate Real World Tactics and Techniques in an Adversarial Scenario

Prepare your internal security team or security operations center (SOC) through a controlled, realistic attack simulation. By deploying various traditional and non-traditional techniques over a realistic timeline, we help you identify, detect, protect and respond to the latest adversarial threats.


American Cyber's adversarial red team provides a safe way to test the security of your organization by simulating real-world tactics and techniques sophisticated adversaries deploy in the wild. 


We work with your organization at the beginning to identify the scope and objectives of the service, then define the rules of engagement. Our team will use any means necessary within the rules of engagement to achieve its objectives without causing damage to your infrastructure and resources.

Each simulation results in an executive report and 1:1 security consultation to review the work and make best practice recommendations that will improve your physical and cyber security posture.

What's Included

  • Find out if your critical assets are at risk and how malicious adversaries can steal it.

  • Evaluate the security of your organization against a real-world attack simulation.

  • Test your internal security team's ability to prevent, detect and respond to security incidents.

  • Identify complex security vulnerabilities before an attacker exploits them.

  • Get fact-based risk analysis and recommendations.

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