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Protecting your business during COVID.

Secure your remote workforce, protect against aggressive cyber threats and strengthen your security operations with threat detection and response resources from American Cyber.


COVID-19 is the catalyst to one of the largest mass migrations to a digital workforce in history. But these changes come at a price, the expanded attack surface creates greater security risks than ever before and one high impact cybersecurity incident can cripple and shut down a business for good.

In fact, the most recent Ponemon Institute study found that 60% of all small businesses that experienced a databreach will go out of business in 6 months or less. The unfortunate reality is that many organizations cannot afford to absorb large direct and indirect losses attributed to a high impact security incident.

And it's not just small businesses, large enterprises and public sector organizations are also struggling to address concerns related to cybersecurity. These organizations may have already placed their faith with global managed security services providers. But just like many other firms, MSSP's sometimes also miss the mark in maintaining secure operations. This is demonstrated by the most recent FireEye hack. Ultimately nobody can guarantee you security these days and the conversation quickly pivots to risk management and incident response.

With more workers remotely accessing your network, applications and data, your business faces greater security risks. Insecure mobile infrastructures, insufficient VPN capabilities and lack of standardized work-from-home policies, can further weaken your defenses.

For organizations with more mature security programs and policies, the continuity of their security operations may already be affected. Accustomed to an onsite environment, many SOC Analysts are now triaging and investigating incidents from home. Adversaries are capitalizing on this opportunity to launch new attacks when security teams are decentralized. Extending an existing SOC team through an MSSP may help you respond quicker to changing threats and reduce the burden of experiencing operational challenges responding to a security incident.


American Cyber can help you reduce the security risks of digital transformation protecting your employees and the business from cyber threats through comprehensive endpoint, network and cloud security monitoring, detection and incident response.

Contact us to learn more about our Advanced Security Package and find out how to get up to 250 hours of Virtual CISO services for free with an annual subscription of 500 devices or more. A value of over $30,000 - limited to the first 10 clients.


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