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Laser Cutting


The Fourth Industrial Revolution heralds an era of tremendous potential for innovation and growth. It also brings new risks and challenges. And this might be most evident in today’s manufacturing cyber landscape.

Production Risks

Manufacturing is becoming increasingly digital as the industry is adopting automation, to a greater extent than ever before. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is bringing artificial intelligence, cloud computing and robotics into factories. Cyber-physical systems can now integrate all aspects of the supply chain, including operational systems and information systems, and are taking the place of outdated, siloed machines.

Food Manufacturer in Midwest

Scary to think that our PLC's can be attacked, but it actually happened and our plant was down for 3 days. We needed to quickly introduce advanced security tools and services that would accelerate our ability to identify and prevent further operational downtime - that's where American Cyber came into the picture.

Governance, Risk and Compliance Manager

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